Nature Walk

This is a beaver dam inside a lake. beaver-dam

Most of these plants are buckthorn! buckthorn

Emerald Ashborers were chewing in these logs. bug-trails

I found a bug that was on its back in some woodchips. bug

Can you spot the toad? #1 find-the-toad-1

Can you spot the toad? #2 find-the-toad-2

Here's the lake that had the beaver dam. lake-lily-pads

Here's a leaf that had a lot of bites in it. leaf

Here's some vines that were growing. vines

Vines that grew for a long time. My mom cut these so they'll stop growing. long-vines

I saw this mushroom in some woodchips. mushroom

Here's some sick sap. sap

Seeds that got stuck to my pants. seeds

Rings on a tree my dad cut down. You can count them to find out its age. tree-rings

Here's some painted turtles. they're harmless. turtles

Here's some flowers. wild-flowers